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An aside… I give up….

July 7, 2007

OK, while it is a cool idea to write, edit and manage this blog entirely from my iPhone, it turns out that it is not (yet) as feasible as I had hoped. You might be thinking, “Ah, ah… that virtual keyboard has done you in”. Well, no, that’s not it. “Typing” an entry isn’t too bad, in a future posting I’ll give my comments on the virtual keyboard. The problem is editing. No copy, paste; difficultly “navigating” a lengthy text field. But again I’ll save more of that for a future post. Maybe part of the problem is WordPress, maybe part is my ignorance of “blogging standards”, maybe part of it is iPhone’s Safari. Whatever, it became just too tedious to enter my second, rather lengthy post. Hopefully, this will improve overtime.

For now I’ll post what I can via the iPhone, but will revert to my MacBook to do any “heavy lifting”. Oh, which brings up the point, WordPress doesn’t even work correctly in Safari! Well, I guess it isn’t so much WordPress as it is TinyMCE, the WYSIWYG editor that WordPress (and many others) use. A brief scan of WordPress’s and TinyMCE’s FAQ and support pages indicates that this is something the Safari developers need to address. Since I’m currently using the Beta of Safari 3, hopefully this will also improve….

Ahhhhh…. The bleeding edge.


Why and How I Got an iPhone?

July 7, 2007

When Jobs announced the iPhone at MacWorld, my immediate thought was “Wow! That’s the handheld device I’ve been waiting for!” Back in the day, I thought the Newton was cool; but never had one. When the Palm Pilot came out, I got one; but never understood why a large portion of the screen was dedicated to text input. Plus I never did get comfortable with graffiti. I’ve had a couple of “internet-capable” cell phones; but they only frustrated the crap out of me the few times I tried them. Plus the data plans seemed way too expensive given the experience delivered. I’ve never had an iPod or MP3 player; who wants to carry that, a cell phone and a PDA?


Hello world!

July 3, 2007

Welcome to BobM’s iPhone Blog hosted by This is my first blog, and what better reason to start one than the iPhone! My goal is to create, update and manage this blog entirely from my iPhone. Along the way I’ll report on my thoughts of the iPhone including any problems that I have, tips that I find or anything else I find interesting (and I hope that you do to).